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That was THEN

We started with one man’s passion for technology and expanded to a small team of enthusiastic employees. Armed with a cabinet of dial-up modems and the promise of constant change, we delivered Internet service to thousands of homes and businesses in the region. 
Since the early 90s, Velocity Network has been leading the charge, bringing every new viable technology to our area, and keeping northwest Pennsylvania ahead of the technology curve.

This is NOW

Still locally owned and managed, Velocity Network has grown to become the region’s premier fiberoptic Internet service provider for the business community. Our staff of 50+ also provides businesses with comprehensive IT support and robust telecommunications solutions.

So what's NEXT?

We are planning to deliver the next generation of advancements via a new technology facility to deploy a gigabit fiber-optic community — delivering a breakthrough technology that will dramatically change the way you connect and bring the world into your home. With speeds up to 100 times faster than any current Internet connection technology — a fiber connection in your home will make every part of your life faster and more productive.Live, work and play at the speed of light. So you,your home, and our community can move ahead.

Velocity is in the process of collecting survey responses to determine the first neighborhoods where we are going to deploy fiber to the home.

If you are interested in being part of Pennsylvania's first gigabit community and want to be contacted when more information becomes available, please complete the short survey by clicking on this link.

Collected responses will be used to help our team develop the packages and services best suited to meet the needs of those interested in signing up for service when it becomes available.

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