• Velocity Network rounds the corner on $8 million business headquarters project in Erie

    Source: YourErie.com – http://www.yourerie.com/news/local-news/velocity-network-rounds-the-corner-on-8-million-business-headquarters-project-in-erie/1174048557 What used to be a home for pigeons, hawks, and other wildlife will soon be home…

    By Velocity Network
  • How to Keep My Social Media Profiles Safe

    While Facebook remains embroiled in a global scandal involving exploited user information and its effect on the 2016 U.S. presidential…

    By Velocity Network
  • Why It’s A Top Priority to Have A Disaster Recovery Plan

    Whether or not a disaster is man-made or natural, many businesses won’t successfully weather the storm. In fact, research by…

    By Velocity Network
  • Tour for the Erie County Technical School

    This morning we were pleased to host a group of students from the Erie County Technical School. We convened at…

    By Velocity Network
  • Erie Times News – Big Moves Ahead

    Our CEO Joel and VNET Fiber Residential Team Leader, Julie Wagner, were interviewed in an Erie Times News article this…

    By Velocity Network
  • VNET Building Project Update – 1st Quarter

    We are thrilled to finally share a quick look at our future headquarters in downtown Erie. Over the last three…

    By Velocity Network
  • The Benefits of Better Bandwidth

    Over the years, internet speeds have skyrocketed. Only a short time ago, most Internet subscribers were using 56k Dial-Up Modems…

    By Velocity Network
  • Cyber Security for Small Businesses and Organizations

    By Velocity Network
  • Rothrock Renovations Begin

    Construction on Velocity Network’s new headquarters in downtown Erie started earlier this month. Our team has been working on this…

    By Velocity Network
  • VNET Supports JES Many Stories One Story Project

    Northwestern Pennsylvania has witnessed the devastating effects of the opiod addition. The 2017 Jefferson Civic Leadership Academy class launched their…


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