VNET Branding Guidelines


The Velocity Network logos and logo variations are the property of Velocity Network, Inc., and the owner retains all rights afforded by US and international Law.

  • Velocity Network
  • VNET
  • Velocity
  • Velocity Networks
  • VNET Fiber
  • Velocity Fiber

Ask First. Permission from Velocity Network is required to use the Velocity Network and VNET Fiber names or logos as part of or in conjunction with any commercial project, product, service, or event and any domain or company name.

Proceed as you were. You may freely use the Velocity Network and VNET Fiber names or logos for use in non-commercial endeavors as long as there is no attempt to create the appearance of an official relationship or endorsement between the trademark owner and your endeavor. Please disclose these terms at all times.

Right of Refusal. Trademark owner retains the right to revoke permission and use of protected assets at anytime for any reason.

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