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Testimonial List

Superior Capabilities

Our previous service provider became complacent and felt they were in charge of our needs but did not really address them. Velocity is very thorough and anticipated our current as well as future needs!!


( Erie Aviation )
A Company We Can't Be Without

Velocity Network is sort of like a life force. It’s a company we can’t be without. Whether it’s a system going down, a hard drive crashing, or a new piece of equipment.  Without them a lot of that ability we would not have. I’d be lost without them, I would truly be lost without them.

( Tool All Inc. )
A Local Presence

In the past we had a supplier from Buffalo and if we had a major problem in our office with our technology someone had to come in. We now have a local presence. Velocity handled the upgrade of our computer system. They understood privacy issues, understood our volume issues, understood how we work as a group to communicate with each other. Then they transferred the new technology to us on a weekend so that when I left my desk on Friday, I came back to a new computer system on Monday with everything working. That’s the way it’s supposed to run.

( Marsh Spaeder )
They're Invaluable to Us

They’re invaluable to us because they’re the ones that keep us connected. That’s why we’ve had such a great working relationship with them. They’ve always been there for us and their pricing is fair. They’re not about selling us maybe the most expensive product, but what’s best for us and that’s what I try to tell other small businesses that we come across. I believe that you should check with Velocity Net. Make the phone call, these are people that will take care of you in a timely and professional manor. They’ll see what your needs are and take care of you. 

( Erie Sport Store )
Eliminate IT Headaches

If I were being asked: "Why go with the TITAN program?" I would tell whoever was on the other side of the conversation that I have been down the path of doing a forklift upgrade of a computer network and of a phone system. I know the hassles of dealing with vendors. I know the hassles of dealing with consultants and trying to figure out what the best solution is. Then after you get it, make sure that it’s being properly maintained, make sure that you have the right service agreements in place and make sure that you keep up with all your warranties and license agreements.

Going with the TITAN program takes all of those headaches away from you… and that’s one of the best things that I could ever say about the program. It makes it easy, it allows you to take the time that you use to spend dealing with IT programs and dedicate them to doing the things that you’re actually in business to do.

( Quinn Law Firm )
Total IT Support

From Velocity we receive Internet connectivity and the TITAN product, the total support from Velocity. Without that TITAN product we would have to hire a whole team of people, instead we hire TITAN and that’s a complete team of every situation we can come across they have an expert ready for that.

Well, they’re life savers. We use IT throughout our entire organization: our patient care charting from the care that our EMT’s give to patients, to our billing department, to our communications center that dispatches the ambulance to emergencies. So IT actually helps us save lives. 


( EmergyCare )


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