• Protect Your Internet Privacy

    Why should big tech companies make boatloads of money off your data, browsing habits, and search history? Why should those…

  • Dynamic team structures are becoming the norm

    By Velocity Network
  • The Benefits of Better Bandwidth

    Over the years, internet speeds have skyrocketed. A short time ago, most Internet subscribers were using 56k Dial-Up Modems to…

  • Screen Casting & Screen Mirroring

    Have you ever wanted to share a trending TikTok, YouTube, or Facebook video onto a large TV so your friends…

  • 6 Features you might have missed in Microsoft Teams

    In May of 2020, we had a timely webinar about the features and benefits of using Microsoft Teams in your…

  • Essential Technology for Back-To-School

    Remember when a back-to-school shopping list consisted of #2 pencils, a Trapper Keeper, and a fresh pair of sneaks? If…

  • Managing and Setting Family Boundaries for Technology

    It’s been an interesting year for families across the country, as they have been encouraged to spend more time indoors…

  • Limiting Screen Time and Internet Use

    While many industries have struggled over the last three months through this global pandemic, it’s no surprise that streaming services…

  • The Adaption of Businesses

    In biology business, adaptation is a change in the structure or function of an organism company that results from natural…

  • The New Normal – Hybrid Work Model

    Just over a decade ago, our company experienced a growth spurt that sent a half dozen employees, including this writer,…


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